Tuesday, 14 April 2009


Over the years I have had the misfortune to come across a number of Chelsea supporters and never once have any of them possessed anything remotely resembling charisma or personality despite the possession on their part of rampant egos and an inkling of talent. The most recent and despicable example of this being a gentleman from Tunbridge Wells that looked like Danny Devito.

Situated in a more affluent partition of London, we are now well into the Roman-era of Chelsea and football in general. With his Russian currency Abramovich has truly upped the money grabbing culture of football even further at a time when it was already inflated and a true false economy. At one point it looked like the bubble would burst for football but now with live in a world and reality that the teams at the top will always have these types to bail them out if so required.

Chelsea were the first club to charge over £1000 for a season ticket.

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